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requestable graphics, icons, blinkies

Welcome to celestial_blink, run by celestialsight. I mostly offer blinkies but will also, from time to time offer icons [requestable or snaggable] or other miscellaneous graphic goodies. Please familiarize yourself with the rules before joining.

Celestialsight's Rules
1. Credit to myself is nice but not necessary. I do, however, ask that credits given in the filename of my graphics remain intact. Please do not change the filenames.
2. Do not alter my graphics in anyway. If you would like something changed, contact me and we will work something out.
3. Comment when picking up your graphics. After they are picked up, they will be deleted from my photobucket so if you hotlink to them, they will disappear!
4. Be polite and respectful to everyone within this community. If you have a problem with someone/something - contact me, celestialsight to discuss it.
5. Membership is now moderated, but you will likely be approved so long as you have an active journal.